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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Welcome to the Young Lovers' Guide

We're here to give you information and advice about sex and relationships, your changing body, sexuality, how not to get yourself or your girlfriend pregnant or catch an infection - and, perhaps most scarily, how to talk to your parents about sex.

You've (probably) heard by now that at some point a penis enters a vagina - and that that's (probably) why you're here. You may have seen the biological diagrams - and we'd be willing to bet that those diagrams (probably) didn't really do much to suggest that sex should be a pleasure.

And pleasure is the point of sex - apart from making babies.

What we're not here to do is to say that you should be having sex. Actually, quite the opposite. You'll find this message repeated again and again on the site and we'll say it here too:

Please don't have sex until you and your partner are absolutely ready.

And please try not to have sex when drunk. Most of the regrets we hear about first time sex are when this has happened.

Please make your earliest sexual experiences a real pleasure - not some grim rite of passage you have to get through on the way to becoming an adult. (Having sex doesn't make you an adult.)

And when you are ready, be confident and informed.

Have a browse. We hope you find answers to your questions. If you want to know something which isn't here, write in and ask and we'll publish a response.

We hope you enjoy.

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Ready for love?

So use condoms and put them on sexily.

There's no need to pretend you're not using condoms, every reason to use them - and it won't spoil the mood




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