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Spots and acne

If you eat healthily, and drink a lot of water, you are already reducing the amount of rubbish in your blood which can lead to spots. Inevitably, due to hormones, it does happen to the majority of us at some point in our lives - and don't despair: the oil in your skin shows that at least you won't get so wrinkly so quickly as you age! It can be depressing, however, and really affect people's confidence.

Be careful when squeezing them as this can lead to scarring. Unless they've reached that white stage and are about to burst (but be gentle!) ideally don't squeeze them at all.

There are lots of products available which you just dab on that dry them out in a couple of hours. Alternatively, you can put the tiniest amount of toothpaste on them before you go to bed (walking round in the day time with white blobs all over your face may just be a little conspicuous) and this should do the trick.

Wash your face morning and evening using a flannel and try to reduce face-to-hand contact as dirt and oil from your hands will add to the build up of bacteria on your skin. Use a good cleanser. Depending on how oily your skin is in its natural state, use a moisturiser to suite your skin type. You can ask at a good chemist how oily it is or you can judge for yourself. You can also 'exfoliate' (meaning 'to strip off leaves' in Latin) once or twice a week. Exfoliants are product which removes the build up of dead skin on your face.

If after continued use of varied products there is no improvement, go and see a doctor, especially if it is acne. Acne is a serious condition and sufferers can get depressed and lose a lot of confidence if it is very bad. It will also leave life long scarring. However, it is treatable. Doctors will normally prescribe a period of topical antibiotics which you put 'on top of' your skin, and if that doesn't help there is a drug called roaccutane. This is very strong and is taken as a pill but may have some side-effects such as dry, cracked lips and, in some cases, depression. There are organisations available for acne sufferers if they are finding it hard to cope.

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