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Body odour - BO

Body odour, or 'BO' is caused by bacteria breeding on the skin in moist parts of your body, especially under your armpits.

Using deodorants is all good and well, but this is not the primary way to avoid unpleasant smells: washing comes first. Shower at least once a day. Use anti-bacterial soap (ask for this at the chemists) the cause of BO won't be there in the first place. A freshly washed body should not need deodorants to smell fresh - the deodorant will then combat sweat and bacteria which build up throughout the day.

Some people do have medical problems with BO to the point where deodorants and normal washing have no real effect on the smell. If you think this might be you, you can see a doctor.

Diet also affects our smell and what the sweat smells like. You are what you eat. Too many burgers and that's what other people will smell. As to whether that's a problem - it's up to you.

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