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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Below the belt hygiene for boys

You've got one main thing to remember here: if you have a foreskin, you need to wash beneath it.

For all the hoo-ha, 'smegma', the white, slightly flaky substance that forms beneath the foreskin, is not 'dirty' or unhygienic. It actually performs an antiseptic function. However, if left to develop for too long it will start to smell, increasingly strongly, and bacteria will then build up.

In the shower or the bath, gently prise your foreskin back and wash beneath it with a mild soap. If your foreskin feels tight, draw it back slowly. If it is too tight to pull back all the way, you should take yourself along to your doctor for him to check it. A small operation may be necessary - but don't cross your legs too tightly about that!

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When and if you're ready:

You really must say you're a virgin the first time you have sex.

Go really slowly and gently, don't have overly high expectations - Meantime, enjoy your virginity and maybe explore




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