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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Below the belt hygiene for girls

Wash your vagina every day with soap and water, remembering to wash around the lips, where genital secretions can collect. You can buy soaps which are ph balanced with the genitals - slightly acidic - and these can be healthiest to use.

Don't use deodorants on your vagina - not even vaginal deodorants - as these will irritate the area and upset your natural balance.

During your period it can be better to bathe. This will ease abdominal cramps to a point and help you feel cleaner.

Ensure you change your tampons and sanitary towels regularly during your period to avoid 'Toxic Shock' (see 'periods').

Your vagina shouldn't smell if you wash regularly; however, if it does and it is a fishy odour, it is advisable to see a (female) doctor. It may be being caused by an infection. The doctor may also prescribe a treatment not to cover the smell but to treat the infection itself.

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When and if you're ready:

You really must say you're a virgin the first time you have sex.

Go really slowly and gently, don't have overly high expectations - Meantime, enjoy your virginity and maybe explore




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