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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Body matters during puberty

Yep - by the time you realise it's happening, you're probably already well into puberty.

Our aim here is to take you through the really big issues - the physical and emotional changes you're going through - and deal with what to you might not be such minor issues on the side. So buckle your seatbelt - and enjoy.

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Puberty for boys

Half your waking life spent locked behind the bathroom door... And as for those thoughts and dreams you're having... Admit it: you have got the tape measure out by this point, haven't you.

Puberty for girls

Which tends to begin earlier - but is often as seen as something of a more mysterious process. Well, we'll tell you what's going on.


An important part of becoming a woman is when you start to have periods, when your menstrual cycles begin and, in a little time, become regular - which is monthly.

The clitoris

The clitoris is a small organ that is the girls' equivalent (in some ways) to a man's penis. The difference is that the penis has various uses, whereas the clitoris is there for no other reason save pleasure.

Below the belt hygiene for boys

You've got one main thing to remember here: if you have a foreskin, you need to wash beneath it.

Below the belt hygiene for girls

This can be a trouble spot - solely due to lack of information about your developing body. Well, here it is.

Body odour - BO

The causes, the means of prevention - and why you really shouldn't feel you must smell like some product from the local chemist.

Spots and acne

A few, occasional spots are just part of growing up - though there are ways to keep them more or less at bay. Then there's acne, which can be a serious, though potentially treatable, problem.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Please be aware and seek help if this article is about you.

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When and if you're ready:

You really must say you're a virgin the first time you have sex.

Go really slowly and gently, don't have overly high expectations - Meantime, enjoy your virginity and maybe explore




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