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Finding other gay people

You're probably not the only gay in the village. It seems to be the case that around one in twenty to thirty people are gay. That doesn't mean you're going to fancy the boy in 9E just because he's gay too, but it can be nice to know he's there!

Finding other gay people can depend on where you live. If you're in rural parts, it's not impossible, but can be harder to find other like-minded individuals. This is partly because the pressure not to reveal non-straight sexuality tends to be greater. It's also because there are fewer people around.

In urban areas, there will probably be more obviously gay people. Still, in both cases, if you can't yet go to the bars, or even if you can, for that matter, it can be tricky finding other gay people you'll get on with, become friends with - or even fancy. But it can be done.

Youth groups

In most parts of the country there are youth groups and organisations which hold gay evenings or groups to discuss matters or to meet other people. This can be a very good way to meet others.

The internet

If you chat to others online always bear in mind that you never really know who you're talking to, so never give out any personal details such as addresses and phone numbers. If you do want to meet up with someone, always arrange to meet in a busy public place during the daytime when you know there'll be other people around. Also, tell a friend or a family member where you're going - just in case, so if something awful did happen, they'd at least know where to start looking. You might also use a diary to make a note about where you're going and who you're seeing.

That said, the internet is an incredible resource. Have fun chatting and messaging people. Use the chat to get to know them and find out if you might want to meet and maybe become friends. We recommend the Gay Youth Corner as a great place to start.

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