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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Gay and lesbian sexuality

If you think you might be gay or lesbian, this can be a troubling thought to face.

Maybe you are; maybe it's just that you're going to end up 'straight' and are meanwhile exploring your new-found sexuality. Either way, don't despair; don't worry; don't think you are doing or thinking anything wrong. Do know that by exploring sexualities you are growing bigger and better and stronger as a human being.

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A coming out story

Here's a great story Jas has sent in about how he's come out. If you have stories to tell of your own, please do send them in.

Am I gay?

It's a question many, many people ask. Some are; some aren't. But it is really good if you don't really mind what the answer might be. Anyway, here are a few ways you might try to reach your own answer.

Coming out

In an ideal world, coming out would be a thing of the past. There'd be no coming out issue to get through. As we developed our sexual identities through adolescence our peers and mentors would be absolutely open to whether we were gay or bi or straight - or however we might choose or refuse to label. Meanwhile, for many or most, coming out is the biggest challenges so far faced.


Dealing with it. Knowing your rights. Defeating it.

Finding other gay people

You're probably not the only gay in the village. It seems to be the case that around one in twenty to thirty people are gay. That doesn't mean you're going to fancy the boy in 9E just because he's gay too, but it can be nice to know he's there!

What is gay sex?

Once you've found out there are gay people out there, and plenty of them at that, you might well wonder: what do they actually do? What is gay sex?

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So use condoms and put them on sexily.

There's no need to pretend you're not using condoms, every reason to use them - and it won't spoil the mood




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