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How can I make a girl become interested in me?

We are both shy, but I do think she is somewhat into me.

The Young Lovers' Guide replies:

Thanks for your message. You can't 'make' another person be interested in you - but you can certainly have a go at finding out if she is and offer plenty of encouragement!

Try spending some time together - on your own or with friends. Maybe suggest doing something over the weekend where you can chat and find out more about each other. If she's shy too, just hanging out might help you open up more to each other.

Take it slowly. Then when the moment feels right - like, when you're together and find yourselves looking each other in the eyes - you could offer a kiss. Or you could say how you feel.

Make friends first - then see where that takes you.

And good luck.


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When and if you're ready:

You really must say you're a virgin the first time you have sex.

Go really slowly and gently, don't have overly high expectations - Meantime, enjoy your virginity and maybe explore




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