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I can't make her reach orgasm

I really need help! I have been dating this girl for a couple of months now and we regularly go to 3rd base together. No matter how hard I try, I cant make her orgasm! One of the problems is that after about 25 minutes my hand will really start to ache and I just can't continue. I have tried putting my whole body right between her legs and fingering her but I still cant achieve the desired effect, no matter how long i go for. I have tried using my tongue but I just hate the taste and I feel like puking whenever I do. One major problem I have is that when I'm fingering her and kissing her, I usually end up so turned on I end up ejaculating in my trousers, which really annoys my gf! Is there anything I can do to prevent this and get her to orgasm?!!

The Young Lovers' Guide replies:

I'd like your first step to be to discuss this whole issue with your girlfriend. Please talk about this and tell her that you would like to please her - then ask her to show you how.

I would suggest you ask your girlfriend to show you how she reaches orgasm through masturbation - if she has tried this; if not, perhaps she might like to try on her own, then bring you in.

This will show you the techniques she likes.

It will also free up her sense of being with you while reaching orgasm.

Ask her to show you what to do.

Don't feel you're meant to know this already.

Also, it may be she is uncomfortable reaching orgasm while with you. If so, lots more love and trust needs to be established - so she can be comfortable.

Please don't feel you're meant to know the answers!

Don't feel anxious - and never feel you're meant to be pleasing her, as if she can't please herself! It's meant to be a pleasure, not a performance test.

And well done you for feeling happy getting to 3rd base! (As opposed to feeling you must go further!)


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