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What to do at a party

We've all been there, the girls on the one side of the room, the boys on the other. It can be nerve-wracking and by the time it gets going and you realise it wasn't such a big deal after all, it's usually nearly finished. Follow these simple rules and you'll be fine.


And s - m - i - l - e ! You're there to have fun - so don't be anxious!

Stand tall!

When you walk into a room, if you want to create a stir, don't slouch. Keep your back straight and carry yourself with confidence!

No attitude

Be nice to everyone - and never arrogant. Having an attitude and judging people before you even know their name is a sure way to separate yourself from others from the start.

Look good - and don't smell!

If you've made the effort to look great, you'll find confident and, hey, you probably will look great.

Mix and mingle

Don't pin someone down. Even if you only know one person there, don't clamp yourself to their left leg. They're here to see other people too! Keep it casual. If you do meet someone you fancy, don't make them think you're coming on too strong.


If you don't know anyone, that can be scary. Take a deep breath and prepare to use the word 'hello'. Introduce yourself to whoever you find yourself near. You're at the same party: you're bound to have something in common.

Mix the sexes

School discos and the like can be very - let's say, 'divided'. Ring any bells? There may as well be two parties going on: one for the boys and one for the girls. Get over it and talk to the opposite sex! It's not that bad. They don't bite... hard!

Beware of alcohol

Pulling someone's boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to get a bad reputation. No matter how many times you insist you were sooooooo drunk, it just ain't good enough. That goes for making a fool of yourself too - and breaking furniture. It's also nice to be able to remember next day if you did meet someone you liked.

If you're the host

You do have responsibilities - doh! Do avoid getting paralytic, then waking to the sound of sirens as you're carted off to hospital or removed from the building as it consumes itself in flames. Bear in mind that if you mess it all up, your parents won't trust you again.

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What do you want?

Not sure if you're doing the right thing - or if you're pushing things too far?

So ask. You don't need to make a big speech. 'Should I?' will often cover it - with a gesture




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