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Dating tips for teens

Okay, here we go. Tips for dating, from the moment you pluck up the courage to ask - through to what we hope might be the goodnight kiss.

For starters

Don't: fall in love before you've spent more than ten seconds together.

Do: ask nicely, casually, as if, you know, it might be a cool thing to do.

Don't: (girls) worry if it takes quite some coaxing for him to pluck up the courage.

Do: feel flattered and give what to you might seem pretty heavy hints.

Don't: (boys) think, 'W'hay! I'm in there!'

Do: find the subsequent maths lesson just got better.

Don't: tell everyone you're now 'seeing' XX or XY.

Do: swap numbers.

Don't: show your friends the texts.

Don't: send texts. If there's any change in the plans, be brave and call.

Do: ignore that rule if they text first.

When you meet

Do: smile and say 'hi'.

Do: say, 'You look nice.'

Don't: tell a boy he looks pretty. The word is 'handsome'.

Do: feel free to be a bit fumbling and say things like, 'Hey, well.' Meaning? 'Great to see you. Wow! Completely amazing to be here! Let's head off then, shall we?'

Don't: feel you have to say much for the first thirty seconds.

Do: have a few casual questions prepared for when those thirty seconds are up.

Such as? Something local and everyday (not about the weather) which you know you'll both have experienced. Something about school?

But, romance.? Hey, you're just getting started here. Don't panic!

At the cinema

Do: look at the schedule together and decide what you'd both like to see.

Don't: (boys) complain if the body count of the film is less than zero.

Do: (girls) find it cute if he laughs at the wrong bits. Honey, he's trying.

Don't: (boys) worry that you might laugh at the wrong bits. It's okay: this isn't Death Slayer Two and she knows you're trying.

Do: share the popcorn.

Don't: (girls) mind when he eats all of it.

Don't: (boys) try to feed her.

Do: (boys) eat the popcorn at about a tenth of the rate you normally would. She'll still think you're greedy and gross, but in a good way

Don't: (boys) throw the popcorn at other people. It's embarrassing, not funny.

Don't: feel you have to discuss the film afterwards.

Do: really be sure of what your date really thought before admitting to each other if you both thought it was crap.

Do: have the pizza afterwards, not before. You'll be more relaxed by now and able to talk.

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Be bold!

But not tacky. Say hi and ask what they're doing this weekend - and have a plan to suggest you think they'll like.

Relax and think: getting to know you. Rather than: getting it




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