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How to tell if they fancy you

Not quite sure if they're just being friendly - or if their attentions go further than that? Here are the clues and signals to look for.

Someone's watching you.

If someone on the other side of the room can't keep their eyes off you then that's a pretty big signal. It shows they're trying to get your attention too.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

If, when talking to someone, they won't stop looking at your lips, then that's a dead give away. When we're attracted to someone our gaze almost automatically finds itself focused on the lips as the person speaks. This could be due to the sensuality of kissing - which is what they're imagining doing with you!


If you find that a person remembers a lot of little, perhaps seemingly random facts about you or what you told them last week, then it most likely means they are interested in you on some level.

Puppy dog eyes

If their eyes become softer when they look at you - if they seem to get bigger and relax more around the edges - it means they like you. The pupils dilate as well, so watch out for that one.

Going red

If, when you approach someone and start talking to them, they turn red very quickly and seem shy it's probably because they're attracted to you and either don't think they've got a chance or are too scared to find out. Either that or you've got food stuck to your cheek!

Tone of voice

If their tone of voice softens or changes when they're speaking to you, it is to make an impression. They're thinking about you romantically.

What time is it? My watch seems to have stopped.

Yeah right. They're interested. When someone who perhaps has been in the room for a while, approaches you to ask a mundane question - such as what the time is, where the loos are or which way is the front door - they're trying to spark off conversation with you.

Get physical

The occasional touch on the arm is a signal. Boys, if the girls get physical, meaning in a kind of playful way - perhaps trying to give you a dead arm - they're flirting, even if they don't know it. It's an age old primitive thing.

Unusual behaviour

If you see a group of people giggling or looking over at you, as if they are talking about you, it's most likely because they are. One of them likes you - and has told their friends to see what they think!


So they won't leave their hair alone or stop fiddling with their sleeve when they talk to you? Another sure sign, they like you and are probably a little nervous. If they're obviously not nervous, then they're flirting like crazy!

Stand apart

If they like you and they're with their friends, they'll automatically stand apart from their group of friends so that there's more chance of you seeing them.

Facial expression

When they first come over to talk to you they'll have their mouth slightly open. Yep, they're thinking of kissing again. Also, they'll raise their eyebrows as you talk to them while they listen, showing interest.

Checking you out

It can't get much more obvious than this. Looking you up and down and not even minding if you see them do it - it's the fast track to say: 'I like the way you look.' They might even hold their gaze at the parts of the body that they like the look of most!

Question MarkQuick Tips!
Be bold!

But not tacky. Say hi and ask what they're doing this weekend - and have a plan to suggest you think they'll like.

Relax and think: getting to know you. Rather than: getting it




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