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How to flirt

Flirting is an age old human tendency, as natural as anything else in life. Have fun, show that cutie you fancy them - and take the first steps towards getting them! These are the rules.

Track them down

You know they're at the party - or in the queue for their regular bus, or in that bit of the school fields they always hang out in? So go there too! Find them, bump into them, smile when you drift past. The more they see you, the more you'll be on their mind.

Angle your body

Use body language to woo them. 'Square' your upper body in their direction, so your body shows your attention is directed at them. They'll pick up on this, perhaps without knowing why. If you're seated, point your feet in their direction.

Don't block them

Keep yourself open to the person you fancy. Don't turn away, cross your arms or look like you're shutting them out. It will look as if you're unavailable - to them, at least.

Mirror them

Follow and mirror their movements - not at exactly the same time, but approximately and after a short delay. If they move a hand, move one too. If they angle their head, angle yours. It will make them believe that you have a lot in common and on the same sort of wavelength. They'll think they know you already.

Flirt with props

If you're at a table together - in class, at a café - absent-mindedly push objects towards them. It will show you want to move closer into their 'personal space'.

Catch their eye

And smile. This isn't a staring competition. It is a way of making friendly contact.

Touch your face

Touching your face while looking at or chatting to someone shows you're thinking sexily - about that someone.


Get a friend to find out if they like you. They're bound to find out you've asked in the next ten minutes - and that's if your friend's really, really subtle.


Find an excuse to touch - in acting out a joke or playfully pushing them (GENTLY!) away. If y ou've been talking for a while, touch them on their arm while leaning forwards - perhaps in your hysterical reaction to their joke. A touch on the small of the back is getting quite intimate and can show confidence without pushing things too far.


Lean in to whisper something to them, or to talk if the music is too loud. You'll draw them in closer to hear and it will seem you're sharing a thought not known to anyone else. (They'll also be able to smell your Coco Mademoiselle or CK One!)


Listen to what they say, pick up on things and ask them about themselves. This will show genuine interest and enthusiasm. It will make the conversation flow more easily and they'll feel they're opening up to you.

Avoid chat up lines

Like the plague! You know the ones - where there's a dirty or 'witty' pun involved. ( ' If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.' ' Is your name Gillette? Because you're the best a man can get.') They don't make you sound attractive; they make you sound like a geek.

Use compliments

They're always nice - so tell them you like what they're wearing or that their hair or shoes are cool. (Earrings are always a safe option for men to comment on.) You'll make them feel valued and confident. They'll feel at ease around you - and they might start noticing more cool things about you too.


Work on the principle that dancing is basically upright sex with your clothes on. Groove to get close. Follow each other's moves. This is flirting at its most physical.

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So use condoms and put them on sexily.

There's no need to pretend you're not using condoms, every reason to use them - and it won't spoil the mood




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