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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Intercourse and orgasm

Once both partners feel comfortable and aroused enough, sexual intercourse, or 'penetration', can take place.

Once the penis is inside the vagina, each is simultaneously stimulated. The hardness of the penis stimulates the clitoris, while the vagina rubs the thrusting penis, creating immense pleasure for both. The penis may release pre-seminal fluid, which is nature's way of providing another form of lubrication. The repeated stimulation will hopefully result in orgasm.

This does not necessarily happen at the same time for both lovers. The boy will orgasm when he ejaculates and the girl will when she is sufficiently stimulated to a point where all the pleasurable feelings reach a climax - the height of passion, the sexual peak. Call it what you will.

N.B. While it's usual for the boy to reach orgasm, a girl's can be less automatic, and full intercourse alone probably won't do. She will need lots of foreplay, a healthy ability to fantasise and 'let go', and clitoral stimulation in addition to that provided by the pubic bone. (Use your hands.)

At the point of orgasm, certain parts of the body contract rhythmically as waves of pleasure pass through the body and mind of the partner experiencing orgasm. As Sarah Michelle Geller puts it in 'Cruel Intentions', it's an explosion, 'but a good one'. The tension, built up particularly in the groin, is released

After sex, if it was good, one may feel total relaxation and joy. By the way, the reason men seem to want to sleep immediately after sex is that it's a biological way of regaining energy as quickly as possible, so as to be ready to have sex again and swiftly spread his seed. Of course, civilisation nowadays is a bit beyond following such primeval routes as this, but it is a natural explanation as to why sex can induce sleep in men more than women!

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