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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Sex myths uncovered

You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex

Oh come on! This is simply not true. Nor is it true that if you have sex during your period you can't get pregnant. If the boy's sperm gets into a girl's vagina, it can happen.

It's illegal to buy condoms if you're under 16

Nope - they are available to anyone and are available from family planning clinics, doctors' surgeries, hospitals and some clubs and pubs - though obviously you should be 18 to be in a club in the first place!

You have to sleep around to catch a sexually transmitted infection

Believing that your partner is completely free of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) just because you haven't slept with many people is naïve and dangerous. Always use a condom.

Condoms block all feelings

Many boys believe that condoms ruin sex. This is not true. They may reduce very slightly a bit of the sensation but the girl can't tell the difference. Your penis will quickly learn to enjoy the slightly different, but as arousing, sensations - and any slight lowering of sensation will make you last longer, which will make her happier.

"No" sometimes means "Yes"

No, when a girl says no she means it, boys - even if she is smiling to let you down nicely. If you pretend she means 'yes', that's called rape. And that's a serious offence.

Sex = love

No, sex is different from love - and it doesn't mean he loves you just because you have sex. Don't ever have sex with someone to prove your love. You'll end up getting hurt.

If I have sex it means I am an adult

Similarly with alcohol, lots of teenagers in their attempts to 'grow up' quicker feel that the physical act of sex will change everything. It won't.

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Won't talk?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend falls silent, something's up.

Explain that you want to be 'let in' - then it can be good to give them space, tell them to call and let them come back to you




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