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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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This is a bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. It is the most common STI and young people are, for unknown reasons, especially at risk.

What are the symptoms?

This is a difficult one. Often symptoms don't show at all and this is why it can be potentially very damaging. It is usually only found by specific screening at a sexual health (GUM) clinic. If there are any symptoms they will be a vaginal discharge, pain in the pelvic area during sex or, as with men, pain when urinating.

Is there treatment available and what is it?

Yes - through antibiotics

Are there long term effects?

Not if it is caught early enough. However it can cause infertility if not caught in time - and, if passed on from a mother to her baby, the effects can be terrible.

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