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Hepatitis A, B & C


A viral infection that affects the liver. Hep A cannot be transmitted through vaginal intercourse but can be by oral and anal sex. Hep B is transmitted through bodily fluids and so any kind of unprotected sex. Hep C is similar to Hep B.

What are the symptoms?

Hep A: being sick and having diarrhoea for about two weeks.

Hep B and C: this can lie undetected from between six weeks to six months. The symptoms commonly are jaundice, tiredness and darkly coloured urine.

Is there treatment available and what is it?

You can get vaccinated against Hep B - so do it now! Otherwise, not really - antibiotics are useless but some drugs can alleviate symptoms.

Are there long term effects?

It does not affect sterility but it can remain in your body and that means you are a carrier. It can also cause liver disease later in life. Sometimes your body can fight it off; other times, it lingers.

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