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Responsible teen sexuality - and what they don't teach you in sex education at school


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Sexually Transmitted Infections - STIs

It is not enough to know that your newfound boyfriend or girlfriend only slept with X many people - or even to know who they were. Sexually Transmitted Infections don't discriminate. Remember, when you have sex you're actually sleeping not just with the whole sexual history of each person you sleep with, but the sexual history of each person they've slept with. And so on.

If you think you have caught an STI - read more...

Use a condom
To find out how to buy one - and use one
Read the article here

Read an article:

This is the most common STI - and that to which young people are most at risk.

Genital herpes

Again, there are many carriers - and you should be aware of just what it is, partly because it isn't curable and, once you have it, you'll have it for life.


Ghastly when you get it, but it is easily cured - and, indeed, must be treated.


This is potentially very damaging, and it is quite easily spread - although there is a vaccine to stop you picking it up in the first place.

Pubic lice - or 'crabs'

These are like head lice, but in your pubic hair. Not nice.


And this is the big one. Do not put your faith in HIV containment drugs. For starters, they're not easy to live with. Also, there is a chance they'll stop working. And the one thing you must know: this isn't a 'gay disease'. Most HIV worldwide is spread through heterosexual (man-woman) sex.

And let's repeat this:

Use a condom
To find out how to buy one - and use one
Read the article here

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Won't talk?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend falls silent, something's up.

Explain that you want to be 'let in' - then it can be good to give them space, tell them to call and let them come back to you




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