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Pubic lice - or crabs

What's that?

Like head lice but in the pubic hair, i.e. under the armpits, groin area and even in a beard! They are small organisms that have tiny hooked feet and have the appearance of a crab-like creature under the microscope, though they appear as small wriggling fleas that don't jump to the naked eye.

What are the symptoms?

Itching and redness in the groin area especially. If you feel that you are scratching a lot have a check and if they are present you'll be able to see them - it can be quite a shock!

Is there treatment available and what is it?

Yes - a lotion available from most good chemists that you put on over night on the whole body and repeat a week later. Bear in mind that the crabs can be spread through clothes and bed linen so if you discover you have them - wash everything in a hot wash that you have slept in or worn - and don't let anyone use your bed until you've finished the treatment. The eggs need to be killed as well and it is important to repeat the treatment the next week to ensure you kill everything.

Are there long term effects?

Nope - as long as you follow instructions.

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